Something nice to look at

Tuesdays can be rough. Thought you might like this.

Doutzen Kroes …

Doutzen is a dedicated Kim K-level mudshark – so if you want to hammerstick her fupa you got your work cut out for you.

Kyla Gray …

Most my Chinese girlfriends enjoy some Wang Chung. Dance Hall Days!

Night and day in LA…

Jim Morrison was a poet and LA was his muse. He spent 10 minutes a day composing lyrics and the rest of the time getting bombed and chasing tail. He also wore the same leather pants every day for seven months. I did that once too except with sweatpants. No one noticed.

Hannah Ferguson…

Hannah has nice ass.


15 thoughts on “Something nice to look at

  1. Why the hell would a chick get the map coordinates for Busan City Hall tattooed on her? Is that a kind of “if found drop in any mailbox” thing for mail order brides or something?

  2. Sports Illustrated deserves credit for eliminating the need for click throughs with paint on bathing suits. Admin needs a break now and then.

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