22 thoughts on “Fill or kill: the grande dame

    1. Excellent policy.

      Seems a bit redundant. How many dudes over 35 are taking down tail when they’re sober? Not me that’s for sure.

      1. The MILF thing never made sense to me, outside of a couple of selected youporn viewings that involve a teenage babysitter. When I was 20, my cock operated like a raccoon in a dumpster at the state fair- basically everything was fair game that didn’t have a penis. I was the guy playing Aerosmith in the high school parking lot at 3PM with the name on my shirt from work- and I’d moonlight as a valet driver at the country club, with an offer to take the old ladies home for a sawbuck. Typically I was more drunk than the patrons, and put their lives in danger, but got some sweet loving.

        But once you hit 35, there is no upside to women who voted for presidents before you were in high school. I’d walk you through the depreciation schedule on a broad, but let’s just say it’s worse than the crazy ivan at breckenridge. Buddy of mine is 44, never married, has his own plane, Italian, parents are killing him to get married and reproduce. He’s come to me for guidance and I told him that I accept but he has to do exactly what I say or the deal’s off. This is actually pretty funny- and I will write another post on it someday. Shit I have to go.

  1. Respectfully Disagree with all of the above except vicious al… Little known fact- mirren got her start in porn… Ok so maybe you do need to bring some lube

    1. Which is a welcome smell to sailors returning to port. The rest of us……not so much.
      She was probably a helluva ride in her day.

  2. In her prime I might have and even now possibly because she is a firey minx, but I wouldnt go out of my way.

    Give me the Russians at Flashdancers

  3. I don’t know. I’m use to the squeaking noise when I fuck, I just prefer it coming from the bed.

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