Culo Miércoles el mini Tigre

Dear chaps,

Please forgive admin. He not only refers to himself in the 3rd person when writing tardy notes to a bunch of faggots, but also suffers from brain damage that you gave him.

He is very angry now, hope you’re happy.



Make money -> Buy boat.

A&T classico.



Action packer.

10 thoughts on “Culo Miércoles el mini Tigre

  1. More tits than usual. Then again, in my fucked situation, even zero tits would be more tits than usual.

  2. “Buy Boat” translates to ……….
    “Captain Stabbin till I die”
    It would be a happy death.
    Fair winds and following seas, Gents.

  3. Renegade click thru wasn’t working when you first posted it…. I came back first thing this morning knowing you’d fix it. Death, Taxes and Admin.

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