17 thoughts on “Ancient Chinese secret revealed

  1. Damn if we could replicate this on a large scale just think of all the math problems that could be solved.
    Other than that it’s pretty racist. Not all Chinese do laundry…

  2. my take

    moorehouse college point guard playing in the Chinese Basketball League, living off fried duck, gets a call from his agent in el segundo who says he’s got his first commercial opportunity in China! Says big money for working with a hot oriental chick, and he’ll be on the water!

    although initially hesitant about water, he’s thinking beer commercial on a raft in a pool, getting a rubdown- holding a fistful of yuan- like billy d williams, and (wait for it) he’ll get some pussy.

    smash cut to production day, luscious shows up (late) and they give him a beer with a ruffie, tell him to hold a paint bucket, mark his face up, tell him to wink and walk towards the chinese model.

    Wakes up during the spin cycle, is taken outside by a couple of Triads and is thrown in the dumpster.

    Good times

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