11 thoughts on “Raising real nigga awareness

  1. The “nigga” that showed him that probably used a plastic knife and is still laughing his balls off.

  2. Its a crying shame that wasn’t fatal. I am certain this asshole with spread his DNA all over society and continue dumbing mankind down.

  3. what are the odds that he has the receipt for that pink taser? watching these videos, i swear the iphone is the modern day coke bottle from the gods must be crazy. steve jobs has killed off more coloreds than michael caine in zulu.

    so its memorial day weekend. our president just apologized for Truman saving 4MM lives back in 1945. and he’s going to fly over or near Iwo, Peleliu, bataan peninsula, wake, midway, and pearl on the way back home to play golf, then kneel on his prayer rug and blow his wife.

    thanks to our men & women on memorial day wknd

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