9 thoughts on “Happy hour is for everyone

  1. Ka-boom, shi-pow…
    1) I’d pull my short barreled 12 gauge weapon from the trunk of my car and cap that effen ‘coon — that’s how I grew up. I am RED (Republican and ‘Neck) thru and thru…. My old man who was a cop used to joke about shootin’ ‘can (as in Afri-cans, etc.) in the 70s and 80s… we should have been so fortunate.
    2) then I’d engage in some polite conversation for the hit and run — unloading my “gun” into both desirables — and thank ’em kindly for their service.

    1. Same, til i saw the click thru. Holy Jesus-fuck Batman, I’d sell you out to the joker in a heartbeat for 5 minutes with that cum-bucket

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