Betting the chalk

Of interest: Tonight’s game in LA, Kershaw vs. the Braves is the most lopsided baseball line in 20 years.

TDT hero Michael Jack Corbin is risking $20k to win $5k.

Bottom of the 2nd, no score. Every dog has its day – maybe Atlanta’s Bud Norris rises to the occasion. Cross your fingers…

8 thoughts on “Betting the chalk

  1. 20k and he’s staying at turnberry towers?! Fucking amateur.

    Favorite line from “veep”:

    “We pull this (election) off and you’ll be shitting in Cesar’s fountain”
    Selina meyer: “pfffff there’s no way I’d stay at Cesar’s!”

    1. For all you know he stays there because he’s already fuckin raked at the other casinos and is fuckin burned there. That’s why. He’s not just some fuckin fuckface from Jersey.

  2. I’m only wondering if Sasha interrupted blowing him when he flicked the 100s. Probably not. Because it is Vegas, it is fuckin hot and he wants to blow his load quick so he can go bet fuckin 20 thou on Kershaw to make 5 grand and if she’s not some fuckin Jersey skank she knows to keep her A game because it is fuckin Vegas.

    This guy should be President. Trump can fuckin blow him and go back to Atlantic City.

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