Mark your meat on Friday

Special request: Send TDT content to post.


As some of you may have surmised I’ve had a job since September (selling phones & mobility); more than that I was recently certified and launched my own business selling b2b mobility (phones, tablets, service, etc) of a major carrier, not Verizon – the other one.

Please keep things simple and reach out to me before I butt stab your women.

Now, I know time away has had its toll on the site – but among other things, if there’s something I’ve learned over the past few years it’s that I can turnaround content in the TDT style in a jiffy. You get me stories that might be of TDT interest (‘Adult Breastfeeding Relationships’ great example – wouldn’t have known unless someone emailed) I’ll punt it right into the site for its proper vetting.

That said, go ahead and tie on yer feedbag.


Whole Foods

Father’s Day A&T Buffet

Flame Broiled Whoppers

Chateaubriand á la Bullé


Cajun Ribeye


Bon appetite los animales!

9 thoughts on “Mark your meat on Friday

  1. Outstanding lineup as always. But what the fuck is up with porterhouse click thru? Is that the world’s worst photoshop or a centaur?

    1. Tell the truth, those child barring hips had me tantalized and wondering…

      god help me, sinner that I am but that there is 100% woman.

  2. Are there any chinamen out there who can help me invent a way to attach my phone to the back of Mrs. Burgundy’s head?

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