23 thoughts on “I can’t believe I ate the hole thing

  1. Hillary’s now got 2 stretched out, gaping wide maws. I wonder if the one she’s showing off there also stinks of piss and uneaten Chuckles.

  2. See if you can guess which one Bill likes to enjoy a good cigar with.
    And speaking of quality jokes, anyone get a clean look at that grill on Chelsea? FUHGEDDABOUTITT

  3. -Alex, I’ll take Twat and Twit for $800?
    -Seen here, these donuts have historic representation
    -What is, Their contribution to society?

  4. 2 has a sweet, yummy donut with a tiny but inviting hole. Hillary’s looks a shriveled old onion ring she found on the bathroom floor at Carl’s, Jr. I’m no literary expert but I sense some symbolism.

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