Art beat: Westville’s cocky artiste

It’s said that upwards of 90% of US school desks double as a canvas for local cock n’ balls artists.

And so along comes Wanksy.


As a nurse, Marjorie Wiener has had no problem seeing patients’ penises. Seeing penises scrawled on the walls of her neighborhood is another matter.

Wiener and her neighbors have been seeing a lot of the latter.

What started as scribble of the word “penis” has spawned into large, explicit sketches of the organ on walls, next to shops, on utility boxes in Westville’s otherwise clean and business-friendly commercial district.

powerful skill set

showcasing a varied skill set

For the past five months, the “penis artist” has let loose his mindless “talent,” but watch out, Trachten vowed: An arrest and trial probably await.

leading suspect

Westville PD’s leading suspect

Hope he’s drawing a veiny triumphant bastard.


11 thoughts on “Art beat: Westville’s cocky artiste

  1. Fantastic executions of art. Its wonderful to be able to enjoy these special works from such talented men. – That Guy

  2. “If you can’t draw a crowd, draw dicks on a wall”

    Ben Folds Five song called Draw A Crowd (worth a listen)

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