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Phil or Kill?

Final Dead shows this weekend.

O/U (or is it before/after?) for reunion tour: 2019.

Guess the final Dead song: I’m guessing that after the first set the Dead will play a 90 minute version of Drums/Space followed by a Drums/Space encore. This will allow concert goers ample time to take massive dumps without the anxiety that they’re missing anything, a true gift of generosity to the fans paying $10k for nosebleeds.

Wave that flag, wave it wide and high

In light of a recent heinous act that’s triggered a widespread wave of social retardation, it is undoubtedly best for our country to adopt the Stars and Bars as the new official flag. Those who don’t like it can shove it up their ass with a hearty “fuck you” from your humble admin.

FOK: Summer lovelies with a back beef accompaniment.

11 thoughts on “Fill or Kill: Topics du jour

    1. No more than Columbus invented America. He just sailed over and said, ‘yo ho ho, kneel before Castille’ and humanity prospered, back beef is kind of the same thing.

  1. Is that one of the dead or one of the Beach Boys? Or are they dead to? Well they’re dead to me. I’m going to see Neil and Bob Sedaka that night anyway.

  2. the shows are a depressing display of aged libs competing to upstage others’ DeadCred by forking over a decade’s worth of their AAPL dividends and a Lexus payment to eat parking lot stir fry and listen to a dusty old bobby weeze into the mic.

    love the music…it used to be magic. but today, it’s a smelly mess of a marionette show and i’d rather not have these modern sights and smells be the last memories of a once otherworldly cast of characters.

    oh, and Chicago is going to be 10x worse.

  3. I will stay home on their last night and smoke weed, eat shrooms, drop cid, inhale funny ballons, and only eat grill cheese and drink beer. That’s the least I owe them.

  4. Fuck the Dead. They suck now just as much as they did when Jewey Garcia was alive. He’s fooling no one with that last name. Stars and Bars forever. That flag never touched a gun. Like the Swastica,it started out as a symbol of freedom…too bad it was adopted by some jerkoff who’s soon to have a bung hole wider than the holland tunnel.

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