9 thoughts on “Just keep driving!

  1. Well I was standing on a corner in Tuscon Arizona
    Such a fine sight to see
    An old dude my lord in a flatbed Ford
    Wants his wife to take a fuck from me
    Come on baby, Don’t be lazy
    I gotta know if your deep throat can drive me crazy

    Well now we’re driving down the road
    Tryin to shoot off my load
    Gotta keep her grey hair off my mind
    Some may lose and some may win
    You can’t unsee this wrinkled skin
    So open up I’m cumin in so take it easy

  2. Typical Negus trap. Sure…you take off your clothes…the monkey in the front snags ur wallet while the baboon in the back infects you with whatever disease she happens to be the “host monkey” for. No thanks. I’ll stick with the Craigslist scammers that are overpopulating that site

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