You’ve got a scrap in Memphis

Somewhere IHOP franchise committeemen are remembering that fateful meeting when a young hotshot pitched the low hanging fruit of a location on the fringe of a Memphis ghetto.

The business school grad energized the room with graphs of heavy foot traffic & low per sq. foot costs – this was a steal. The only objection was from Lou, that grizzled war horse who still referred to the company as ‘International House of Pancakes’.

“Who are we gonna staff this location with?”, he asked incredulously as the committee laughed him off and greenlighted the franchise. There was money to be made.

Lou always knew the score.

He is now TDT’s Executive Scrap Producer, Southwest sector. And he just sent us this from pleasing footage from a corner grocery in Dallas…

27 thoughts on “You’ve got a scrap in Memphis

  1. Are there IHOPs and Waffle Houses NOT in the ghetto / shitty neighborhood?

    Number of employee hand-washings that have taken place a day at that IHOP:

    25 employees x 5 bathroom breaks = 0

  2. Ummmmm excuse me ma’am? I ordered the waffles and bananas…. UMMMM ha ha this appears to be waffles and shit…

  3. So much here…1. I’m with the one who actually was working there. 2. Couldn’t hear much over that fucking screaming kid. Should have left it in the car. 3. Found out another use for child seats. 4. Really impressed not to see a car or gun in this escalation. I’m sure that happened during shift change. 5. Manager dresses like shit. What was that place attached to a Target? 6. Glad that no cops were hurt in the making of this documentary. 7. I needed subtitles.

    1. I got “ho” and “what” nothing else. And what was the going on at the very beginning? It looked like it was an employee vs employee fight and then turned to the “customers” (50/50 whether ever intended to pay)

  4. Just read online: Sisters Janika Nellums and Shanika Strickland were both arrested. Mom and Dads must be proud. Story was written by Marquesha Garmon.

    Don’t ever play scrabble with the negus as they own the “q” and “k”.

    1. I used to entertain myself by reading the birth announcements in the Post when I lived in Washington DC. One of my all time favorites was Starquasha

  5. Only thing missing was bi-planes firing machine guns at her when she climbed the counter at the end of the video.

  6. The female Silverbacks are the dominant gender in the wild. I’d give $100 to anyone reading this blog if they could get a pancake away from those 2 and still have their limbs attached to their body.

  7. The soundtrack to their lives is a crying baby and a bunch of 17 chromosome knuckle draggers screaming til they’re hoarse. Time to add more poison to the grape Fanta.

  8. Guarantee that a few of these beautiful silverbacks gets at least 300K from IHOP corp when attorney Manishevits sees this. IHOP’s better attorney Goldberg who has seen this all before gets them to settle for lifetime free pancakes at Denny’s + free birthday breakfast as an added treat.

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