Miss TDT 2016: The Coffey sisters

These Australian sisters – are they aqua bullies…

… or pro surfers?

Just like their first names, no one really knows. It doesn’t matter.

But some things do matter.

That’s why we ensure that ass checks out.

Above and below the water.

These Coffey girls are on point, instituting their own rigorous standards of ass regulation.

Wish we could say that TDT discovered the Coffey sisters, but word is out.

Here’s a Coffey center stage at a Formula One race – which for a woman is the equivalent ego boost that Dustin Johnson enjoyed on Sunday, getting mobbed by skimpily-clad Paulina Gretzky after winning the US Open.

Look at all the animals who paid good money to sit and watch from afar. Coffeys don’t go to their parties.

Australian energy, girls included, makes me nervous. When I’m around them I feel like if I turn around they’ll slap the back of my head and double over laughing.

But I would trade a lump or two for a run at this ass.

24 thoughts on “Miss TDT 2016: The Coffey sisters

  1. I think by the time I got to the third sister I think I could last a good 90 seconds. First two are going to hear sonic booms.

    1. first one might be a sonic boom, second one would sound like Ruprecht spitting out applesauce when his brother said they were moving to Palm Beach, the third is me asking for a sandwich and snoring

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