15 thoughts on “Trailer from IP Daily’s latest thriller

  1. i get such a kick out of those little fellas. Nobody does disasters better than asians. those eyes get so wide, they point and scream UH OH and scurry off better than anybody. Take Godzilla for example.

    Godzilla attacks Tokyo you got a hell of a movie. 2 hours of japs pointing and screaming and running, that’s just good theater.

    Now if Godzilla attacks Baltimore, fucking lizard is standing there, holding his dick for 2 hours while the colored clean out every liquor store and Best Buy. Then its Lizard vs. Rufus et al to see who can burn down the most drug stores. Shitty depressing movie.

    Godzilla attacks Nashville, which I believe is a favorite dream for 2/3 of the residents, and a million people shoot the fucking thing dead in 30 minutes. Army doesn’t have time to arrive and I don’t even have time to finish my popcorn.

    1. At some point, Jack, would you please do Godzilla in LA. Too much material to work with to ignore. Bravo, you bastard, bravo.

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