I found it curious to see hipsters in Wales soccer jerseys lambasting anyone in the UK for wanting out of a larger confederation.

Apparently the media, the polls, the oddsmakers, and the 1% did not see this coming.

I wonder what other surprises are in store…


6 thoughts on “Brexited

  1. You know it was the right decision when all the whiney libs start chirping up again. Well take a fucking report you douche-bags. Start looking for property up in Canada.
    PS – will this mean the Brits will get dentists now?

  2. “The Empire will not be defeated!! I have you just where I want you, Donald J. Trump.”

    Happy Independence Day to our brothers and sisters in the U.K.

    This jerk off cannot get cancer soon enough for me. Is it Jan. 2017 yet?

  3. As long as a weaker pound means cheaper Guinness & Newcastle and less expensive shirts from Thomas Pink, I don’t give a rusty fuck about anything else it does to their economy.

    1. Well said!!!!!

      The only people moaning are the leeches (countries and demographics) who are pissed their gravy train is moving on.

    1. I never heard of Boston pancake but figured it meant something so I just looked it up. Holy shit. Well played.

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