White America needs to change

White privilege alive and well. This is an Uber cab in Brooklyn.

This guy cares, unlike the white man. Gonna check in and get the young man’s grades up.

We are so racist. We must change.

19 thoughts on “White America needs to change

  1. Clip one: kept waiting for Mohammad to break out a surface to air missile and exact some revenge

    Clip two: respek

  2. Clip 2 twist: it’s his actual father. Chances are, he’s somebody’s father in that kid’s household.

  3. Clip 2: tough guy wearing a fat Albert and the gang hat. Funny race for sure. Hey, as long as they beat and kill their own, we cool.

  4. Fuck, Haji, this is America. You can buy a can of Mace and an expandable tactical baton for $40.

    The kid wasn’t crying because it hurt, he doesn’t want to waste those last few years still charged as a juvie.

  5. Clip 1: They beat the St. Anthony off of that guy.
    Clip 2: Wish I was there. I would have used a tire iron followed up with a hungry Rottweiler

  6. Clip 1: Danny Glover, now do you understand why you can’t hail a cab?

    Clip 2: Get Mushmouth together with White Castle guy. Maybe they can fight crime in the hood. They have a better chance of straightening out the black race than Obama and Sharpton.

    1. I am fairly sure that liberal America would be so offended at the idea of corporal punishment. I know our half breed president will be.

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