DNC beat: Hilly on a roll in Philly

My fascination grows with every watch.

14 thoughts on “DNC beat: Hilly on a roll in Philly

  1. Wore a Trump shirt to a Florida Sam’s Club this weekend. Very diverse group of people there, and by diverse I mean I was the only white guy in the store- we call them Samdinistas. Lots of pointing and people scrambling out of the way. Definitely better than when I wore it into a Falafel shop in London. I’m not a huge Trump guy and I don’t like to cause trouble. I only got the shirt to wear when the yard crew comes by on Wednesdays and shit wasn’t done right.

    There is no way a straight man can listen to Hillary Clinton’s voice for more than 2 minutes. The bitch makes me want to drink bleach.

  2. It looks like one of her anal beads got loose. You know, the one with the three finger holes and AMF stamped on the side.

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