Blondes fighting. In China. Arabian pimp narrates.

There is so much of the world I have yet to see.

16 thoughts on “Blondes fighting. In China. Arabian pimp narrates.

  1. I speak Lippy Loopy Talk. The young ladies kept repeating, “I’m not going out there to fuck him! YOU go out there and fuck him. He smells like goat balls and his mother’s dick”.

      1. Sure, but not for Dinars, or Rupees, or Embryos, or whatever it is those savages use for currency.

  2. All the dudes surrounding the taxi are trying to figure out what size coffee can fits on the muffler, and what planet “pretty bronde girrs come from”

  3. Those floozies were enjoying that more than they let on. Stinking sand n…..s waiting to take on the winner.

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