Jamaican scholar can’t tally his pranks

A Jamaican student accused of groping five women on the subway during rush hour allegedly told police it was a prank, according to a law enforcement source.

Damario Johnson was held on $10,000 bail by a criminal court judge Tuesday on charges of forcible touching, menacing, sexual abuse and harassment.

Scholarly pursuits

Came to learn. Stayed to party.

Johnson, 19, who arrived on a student visa two months ago, allegedly told police he groped women once on Monday and twice on Thursday, officials said.

He told investigators he “did it so many times, (he) cannot remember. It was a prank,” according to a law enforcement source. He did not explain how it was a prank.

He told cops then he grabbed his victims because he’d never seen white women before and they were “absolutely beautiful,” sources said.

Damario needs to learn some basics…


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