Milwaukee is Algonquin for “the good land”

Five black guys shoot another five black guys in Milwaukee on Saturday. Then a black cop protecting a black neighborhood shoots a black guy with a stolen gun, so black people riot and shoot at firemen trying to put out the fires they set.

Now black people are on TV telling white people to look in the mirror. I am the fairest of them all.

22 thoughts on “Milwaukee is Algonquin for “the good land”

  1. I’m so confused? I thought Wisconsin was like That 70’s Show?
    The final blowback from this is going to be spectacular. Middle America is about done with this whole BLM thing.

      1. You’re making me feel a little silly about my beer can collection but in 1978 I thought it was damn cool!

  2. Like raging chimpanzees. Welcome to Obongo’s/Hillary’s America. Canada is looking better all the time. Snow and cold much easier to deal with.

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