Porterhouse seeks side dish

TheDanzaTap is vetting prospects for this young lady’s big Friday night. You are encouraged to indicate your interest and qualification in comments.

comes with cool garage

comes with cool garage and gunt

Hey guys I’m looking for someone to hang out this Friday night and if we click have some fun together. I am attending a little get together and think it would be fun to have someone new to hang out with. I don’t just want a 1 time thing I would like to meet someone Friday night and if we click have a FWB where whenever we feel like messing around we do not just the 1 time but no pressure. I’m a big girl so if your not into that don’t reply. You must know how to fuck a bigger girl be social and know how to have fun. If this is you and your free Friday night please hit me up with a picture or I won’t respond. Must be STD and drug free.

a wild side

a wild side

* She is not for beginners. If you don’t know how to fuck ’em big, she may not be for you.

** admin has dibs on sloppy seconds; proviso being he gets to watch the pregame.

Good luck.

40 thoughts on “Porterhouse seeks side dish

  1. Hey admin!

    When you get the urge to post shit like this…..do anything else.

    The elbows on this hog are really bringing me down…..need to look away

  2. Now I’m wondering if I knew how to fuck the bigger girls I’ve done, does that mean she can still eat a sandwich while being pounded??

  3. Garage is open to show some tools, wooden horse possibly and other objects to help with some of the heavy lifting.

  4. Did anyone notice the large purple frog lurking under her blouse? Clearly a HUGE TCU fan

    Friday night is going to be off the hook for someone if this chick can shape her panis into a variety of animal shapes

  5. i love the fact that she’s wearing purple- smart gal, knows the target audience. Colored guy looks at a purple moo moo the way a bull looks at a red cape. Purple drinks, purple jackets, purple ties, purple shoes, purple crack, they love their purple. I guarantee some kraut in the Mercedes plant has three big ass cans of purple paint that he opens twice a year- 3 days after the NBA and NFL Drafts.

    but cutting a couple holes in a purple drop cloth isn’t going to close this deal. personally i think asking for her paramour to be not only STD and drug free but “social” might be a bridge too far. But I wish her well, because I love people.

  6. not enough purple drank to help me focus to acquire the skills to fuck a bigger girl and be social all at the same time. (no one can beat jack’s comment)

    1. well i’m not one to squeeze my own accordion, but my associate degree thesis (Devry, ’89) was a thorough study of the result of mating demographics and the corresponding impact on society. I won’t get into the Latin, because I don’t know it, but I took the cross section of those who had the lowest measurables of self esteem (white women, of size) with that of the demo with the lowest metric of personal responsibility (men of color). What I came up with was property in New Zealand.

      It’s fascinating read. Look at this instead.

      1. I like the logical process you use. Makes perfect sense to me. Always thought New Zealanders were lazy….

  7. Would be better now if we could put Barney’s daughter where she belongs in the archives and serve the Friday meat…

  8. Just realized why no meat yet. Admin getting ready for his big Friday night date. Guess we were never really “vetting” prospects and Admin took this one all fo hisself

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