Culo Miércoles: Back to escuela

Back to School – and none of us know where to go.

Fortunately, the hard partying faggots from Princeton Something Something made a top 250 places you might have went list from which TDT has selected the top 7 and, under the rules of TheDanzaCare, readers will be forced to enroll at one of the following schools or else mouth some penalty sausage.

1) University of Wisconsin – Good times there are not forgotten.

2) West Virginia University – Student hostage exchange w/ Universidad de Pampas a success!

3) University of Illinois – there actually is “A” and “T” in “Illini”.

4) Lehigh University – semester at sea now part of core curriculum.

5) The Bucknell University Renegades

6) University of Iowa – prime rib Wednesday in Hawkeye Cafeteria

7) Ole Miss – football team has frat scientists busy trying to prevent mudshark outbreaks

15 thoughts on “Culo Miércoles: Back to escuela

    1. Currently sifting through the data and formulating TDT’s annual Bottom 4 SUNY Party School List.

      And Plattsburgh is no lock, my friend, no lock. You’ll just have to wait for the results.

  1. ok. That ass on the U of Iowa pick may be the greatest thing I’ve seen on TAR. And that’s saying something!

    1. Fun Fact: I failed out of #4 … spent 3 drunk semesters, arrested twice. My old man was ready to kill me. From that country club to night school in the Bronx was quite an eye opener. Not that I learned much.

      Also harbor fond memories of a roadtrip to Bucknell. What I wouldn’t give to be a freshman there today – spanked out and flaming in my Vineyard Vine gear, rushing a frat, and coveting the titty in Econ 101.

      Can confirm Illinois and Iowa as fun fucking places to be. Never been, but have heard much about Wisky and Ole Miss.

      And finally, if there are any WVU readers – mega congrats for having year in and year out the highest party marks – but for the record if you drop oxy & meth from the metrics the Mountaineers drop right out of the top 20.

      1. I graduated #4. Chicks didnt look like that when I was there…
        That U of Illinois click thru has me speechless…..bangin out a belly warmer, but speechless

  2. Somehow the broad I ended up with on my one roadtrip to Wisconsin looked nothing like the two here. In fact, you could “Call me Ishmael.”

  3. Literally one of the finest collections of Culo the Tap has ever furnished. GOD DAMN IT why was I so drunk and blind in college. College tits and ass and pussy are amazing.

    1. No Pac-10 either, but Lehigh and Bucknell worm in there? U. Maine outparties Arizona State?

      So yeah, something screwy but as I said, no point in challenging other people’s lists. Waste of time.

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