16 thoughts on “Caption it: When bullies date online

  1. Being a bully provides an air of confidence non bullies will never understand…

    Side note I didn’t realize they had iPhones in 1987

  2. I was born 26 years too soon. I’m also a loser whom these girls would call “sir”. The thought of sex with me would make them immediately think about ten million dollars. Once they realized that wasn’t on the table, their “EEEEWWWW” would be heard in outer space.

    1. Mid-life crisis for me is slowly coming to the realization that no hot young thing will ever voluntarily have sex with me again. Sure, it’s been like that for a few years, hell, maybe a decade, but it still hurts, and a Corvette won’t fix it.

      1. Hmmm… I think that you underestimate yourself. Many of my recently divorced friends have been shocked at how easy it has been for them to obtain quality tail. The age thing is not nearly as big of a deal as it used to be – especially you are relatively fit. The hard part is putting up with the ridiculous drivel that comes out of their mouth. (Would you really want to listen to some 20 something drone on insistently about the latest Drake or Adele song?)

  3. you guys think you’re old/have it bad…..

    I’m digging the friend over Miss Titsie just because she looks way more stable/less crazy

    shoot me now

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