When Jimmy Kimmel spoke truth to power

Join Hillary and Jimmy in laughing at the morons.

It was just Trump tricks: In the absence of evidence, campaign surrogates can espouse the theories on television and elsewhere, under the old guise of “just asking questions.” This is a favorite Trump trick.

I would like to fling this witch off a bridge.

19 thoughts on “When Jimmy Kimmel spoke truth to power

    1. Btw as a doctor- been saying for weeks now that something isn’t right. But I’m out on the fringe so what do I know?

  1. Here’s a scenario that will come to light down the road. Years ago, Bill’s philandering brought home a case of the Syph, which went undiagnosed. Years later, after eating huge swathes out of Hillary’s brain, she’s finally exhibiting all the symptoms. This explains everything from her politics to her pant-suits.

  2. Parkinson’s.
    All day long and twice on Sunday.
    They’re going to have to get a Dr to lie through his/her teeth to cover it up.
    #1 cause of death for Parkinson’s sufferers is bronchial infection cause they lose the ability to swallow. Hillary hasn’t swallowed on 25 years, minimum.
    Carry On

      1. Curious.
        I’m not going to argue with somebody who has to deal with that in their life. Best wishes to your friend.

  3. Hmmm Did anyone see the blue matrix glasses, for epileptics!

    Where was Bill? At home having a bunch of culo, under 20 years old!

    “Hey Baby you got a split the bitch had a seizure! Quickly cut a line and get on your knees, Baby!”

  4. This whole health story is totally overblown. She just needs to avoid sunlight and get a couple of hours of rest in her coffin and she will be fine.

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