27 thoughts on “A safe space for sexual commentary

    1. It’s simple. This dingbat thinks she’s an artist and claims she has trouble getting guys to gawk at her. Of course, it’s because she hangs around a bunch of artsy faggots. If she came to TDT, she would be treated like the dumb skank she is. And love us for it.

  1. STFU – you are nothing more than a cock holster.

    You are going to need windshield wipers on the sunglasses to manage all of the semen that will be blasted all over your face.

    1. You must be great in meetings. Let everyone have their say so they feel important, then use your own comment to focus them back into the main topic before it gets out of hand. Impressive.

  2. Does pointing out that you have hairy forearms count as a sexual comment in the cosplay realm? I can’t rule it out. If so, my sincerest apologies, Miss Super Wookie Arms.

  3. My art is wiping my dick off on your drapes after I violate all 3 of your orifices and tit-fuck you til i blow a load into your left eye

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