The debate before the debate

Interesting slate of ideas.


For the record, TDT endorsed Trump before he even announced his candidacy. We maintain a Trump over/under at 47.5 states won.

This is not to say that we think Hillary is a witch who had the FBI cover up her crimes or that we find anything unsavory about her influencing Goldman Sachs to dollar up her son-in-law’s hedge fund which promptly failed. We would have done the same thing – just wouldn’t have been assholey about it, is all.

24 thoughts on “The debate before the debate

  1. I thought the left swore they’d never support putting another bush in the White House?

    I’m not opposed to a female President, but that Oval Office better damn well have hardwood floors.

  2. girls from the Dirty South- that 18-24yr range was a big jack sweet spot

    i tell you, the window is so short before they try meth, get preggers or try to kill off drunk daddy by bringing home a colored guy…or just lack of basic dental care turns them into soup eaters…

    the truck stop waitress who would faint like she’s talking to Jagger if you pay with a green amex, the girl at the roadhouse who sticks to the bar stool like a plunger next to a Denny’s shit box when you start talking about excitement in the “Big City”…and by Big City I mean Murfeesboro not Manhattan. It is such a low risk high reward target.

    4 bud lights and a fireball shot and I’d drop the map of Hawaii between the Pence and the America on #2

  3. Couldn’t watch more than 20 min. of the debates.
    It was ridiculous.
    And whoever advised Trump to load up his nose with cocaine before he went on should be fired.
    Snort’n …sniff’n…and drank more water than Marco Rubbio.
    You guys really think this clown is going to win?
    LOL….gimmee a break….
    I can’t stand the Hill-dog but Trump is just a loud mouth asshat with a shit ton of money.

    1. i know cocaine, Trump was not on cocaine. you put an 8-ball in front of that cat and he comes out shirtless with a blow torch and a pair of pliers.

      you have every right to vote for Hillary, and wish you well as you head home to give your hamster a bath.

      1. I see you selectively ignored the part where I said I can’t stand the Hill-dog but that’s the kind of non-thinking your boy Trump is counting on.

      2. wife last night: What’s so funny?

        me: oh, nothing… (laughing for about the 10th time about giving your hamster a bath)

    2. If Trump was doing blow, he would have had so many clear, precise ideas on his policies. Because, all of my friends that do blow have answers for EVERYTHING

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