14 thoughts on “I’m singing in the rain

  1. this clip would be way better with a couple front airbag uppercuts then a side airbag right cross to this guy’s mug.

    What is he piloting, a 96 focking grand caravan?!

    1. Clip would have been better if it was that black guy from the three stooges that always looked scared … or any other black guy.

  2. This post along with the madonna one are a great 1-2 metaphor for the reality of progressive politics.

    They promise you something which might sound good, though you know it will never happen, and you’re not sure you even want it, lots of stupid people support it.

    Next thing, you’re idiotically speeding along in a rainstorm and crash into the ditch and sit there with your un-sucked dick wondering how the fuck you got there.

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