Stains, gains & uranium deals

While I’m here, I might as well toot my own horn: I not only called a Trump presidency, but my call of his 50 state landslide suddenly coming into play as well.

There is a God who loves his children. And He gives us gifts.


11 thoughts on “Stains, gains & uranium deals

  1. Enough of this profoundly stupid motherfucker already, he’s dumber than a 12 year old in terms of his understanding of social media…

  2. Who would have guessed a guy named “wiener” would dick over a bitch like Hilligula that thought she would be beating a “bush” this year?
    Fucking Hunter Thompson couldn’t have written this script on one of his 10 day binges. I feel like I’m on mescaline when I just try and read the news these days.
    Carry On

  3. Movie pitch in front of a producer:
    Okay, here’s the pitch,

    Women who’s philandering former President husband is running for President. They have a foundation that has made them millions behind the scenes while they sold out power. Her assistant was raised in a radical Muslim family and she’s married to a former Congressman who’s Jewish and an into propositioning 15 year old girls with his cell phone………


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