Election Day 2016

“We have the cutest supporters, don’t we folks?”


No more free rides over the wall. Gotta earn it.



Foreign policy.

I told Maehoffer Claudia Romani broke my heart, so he set me up for a date to Trump’s Inaugural Ball. Apparently he met her at the Gutter Ball last April.

FYI, TheDanzaTap issued endorsement of Donald Trump for President before he even ran – and when he did announce, TDT pegged an O/U at 47.5 states won. LOOKING GOOD SO FAR.

That said, all views & lifestyles welcome. Just ask That Guy and Norfolk Enchants.

16 thoughts on “Election Day 2016

  1. I’m guessing the sign in click-thru #4 is electrified.

    Pretty funny!

    Let’s have the good guys win one finally!

  2. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for putting Ivanka, Tiffany, and Melania into the White House showers (that we own and pay the hot water bill for) instead of Orcah and Lena Dunham and Chelsea and Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand and all the other fat smelly yentas. Amen.

  3. Finished off a bottle of bourbon tonight.

    I’m going to sleep like a baby knowing that the world is not coming to an end!!!

    The good guys finally win one.

  4. Enjoying a cocktail and laughing at the whimpering cunts on MSNBC right now. God Bless America.

  5. Fuck you Wolf!! Fuck you twat face Gloria Borger and see you in Australia dickwad Stephanopolos!! Now lock that cunt up.

    1. It’s awesome. Love watching him twitch. It looks like the most exercise he’s gotten in years. I saw another trap set up by a guy who had a line of signs on his front lawn, and you can see — in Picture 1 — the tire tracks where someone would drive up onto his grass and plow over the the signs. So he put homemade spike strips and placed them behind the signs. Picture 2 is the guy trying to change his tire while his wife is standing next to him. It’s beautiful.

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