Recrimination Day 2016

A fond look back …


Now that our cockles are warmed let’s review the celebrity list that promised to leave the US if Trump was elected President:

• Amy Schumer … Did you know President Trump has already penned his first executive order?

rosie1The O’Donnell Act of 2017: Deport all fat, loudmouth comediennes and Seth Rogen to Canada.

Sincere apologies to Canada.

• Lena Dunham … Subject to O’Donnell Act.
• Barbra Streisand … GTFO.
• Bryan Cranston … Great work. Now GTFO.
• Miley Cyrus … Show us your tits. Now GTFO.
• Jon Stewart … LOL. GTFO.
• Chelsea Handler … Don’t worry, no one will notice what you do.
• Samuel L. Jackson … GTFO motherfucker. Do you speak it?
• Whoopi Goldberg … LOL. GTFO.
• George Lopez … Go. You may re-enter and apply for job at Trump. Le-gal-ly.
• Ne-Yo … Who are you?
• Raven-Symoné … The one celeb I will truly miss. Now GTFO.

Now, as you might imagine some of these softies might drag their feet a little in making good on their pledge. Fortunately, we have elected the right guy to deal with such emergencies….

31 thoughts on “Recrimination Day 2016

  1. Effing-A and glory hallelujah!

    Been waiting for control of the White House along with both the senate and house for a longtime.

    I hope he takes a flamethrower to the federal government and all the lefty commie b.s.

  2. Confession time: I masturbated to maddow crying last night.

    Admin you also forgot bobby deniro on the list above.

    Now to quote the late great Rodney dangerfield, “hey everybody! We’re all gonna get laid!”

  3. Is there a Culo miercoles Election Day edition brewing, focusing on Melania and Ivanka? Perhaps? Fuck it. Throw in daughter in law Lara too.

  4. This election was a referendum on so many things (Beltway insiders, Obamacurrr, pantsuits) but perhaps none as satisfying as the liberal media. Their smug condescending bullshit quietly emboldened a base that came out and gave an enormous finger to them in the form of the biggest upset in political history.

    Take a fucking report, MSM. Or on second thought, don’t. Keep up your one-sided rhetoric. We might need that boost again in four years to send your asses back into microaggression therapy.

  5. There’s a good chance Trump will be a horrible president, which is still better than the 100% chance that Hillary would have been. We might, might, get a temporary reduction in illegal immigration, but the liberal pull of the media and educational systems will not cease; they are dependable as gravity. It’s kind of like the glimmer of hope and enthusiasm I had in the days of the tea party. Feels good now, but we are still fucked.

    PS. I’ll be happy to be wrong about any/all of this.

  6. President Trump. I love it, but I can’t help but laugh every time the newsman says it. What a time to be a live. Amazing.

    Watched my liberal father-in-law weep watching HRC concession speech. I sat over in my kitchen sipping my drink, smiling ear to ear.

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