Apparently losers can be beggars

With the release of this celebrity studded Electoral College hater video, Hillary’s chances have jumped from nil to 0%.

Warning: Some muppets have not aged well.

Warning: Some muppets have not aged well.

28 thoughts on “Apparently losers can be beggars

  1. When will the Hollyweird Libtards realize that no one gives a flying fuck about what they think? Worked well for you dick knockers with the “Im with Her” push, huh?

  2. Well, the shit luck that runs through my life like dicks through a fleshlight has struck again. A sad combination of Tourettes and a trip to a local antiques auction made me the owner of a magical lamp, complete with wish granting genie. The genie told me I could have a fuck with whoever I wanted and, thanks to the fucking Tourettes, I blurted out Hot Lips Houlihan. Nothing “Monkey’s Paw-ish” happened, so I figured I was free from genie related bullshit Then the 1:04 mark comes around in this video and all I can say is, “FUCK MY LIFE!!!!!”.

  3. It’d be awesome if this was the “In Memoriam” tribute at the end of the Oscars.

    PS – The wrong Sheen got the virus.

  4. Funniest video I’ve seen all week. Best line –> “We’re not asking you to vote for Hillary”.
    Adding Better Call Saul to my boycott hotlist. And boy did Alan Alda dodge a bullet there. And for you, commie Mike Farrell, I wasted an hour of my life in college listening to you badmouth the USA. So grab a stick & skates & go Thicke yourself douchebag.

  5. Martin Sheen raised a druggie, winning, porn star banging (respect), HIV-spreading imbecile.

    Sure, I’ll take some advice from you, Marty.

  6. Well I’ll be damned… I had no idea it was hot lips till I read the comments, just thought it was some disgusting sub-human which had me on the verge of puking.

    ZERO tiger blood in that 2 minute farce.

  7. liberals know they’re in DEEP trouble… they’re going for it. 12/19 is their last real stand.

    Expect some breathtaking accusations/revelations to be levied today/over the weekend (they dont have to be provable or even true….just sensational enough to get Electors to pause). Eg. “Trump was in a mental institution” (last night on Tucker)…

  8. I heard parts of this on the radio yesterday while Zeoli(?) was laughing at and skewering it. But it’s another thing entirely to actually see it. Lots of fake politicians and fake medical care providers talking about stuff, so the gravitas is certainly there. There’s no working around that. Very funny how, now that some of them have only now recently heard of Alexander Hamilton because of the musical and a cast member rant directed to an elected official in the audience, they’re trying to piggyback that name-drop (love the facial expression: “See what I did there?’) into destroying the functionality of the electoral college. I’m sure AHam (we’re boys) would love this appropriation of his ideals. And they forgot to add, “…as long as you do what I say” to the back of “I respect you”. Must have been an editing error. Sad to see Odenkirk there. The rest mean nothing to me.

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