Diamonds by day, smash reports by night

TDT would like to wish Jenna Jameson a very Happy Hannukah!

If you don’t remember Jenna, she used to make hot gnip-gnaps at Oy-Oy’s Nosh Hole of East Bungholio.


If you still don’t remember Jenna Jameson, then please get the fuck out of here.

But all this was before she married LA jeweler Lior Bitton.

this fucking guy

this fucking guy

Admittedly the staff at TDT was still under the impression that Jenna was with that MMA fighter guy who powerclowned her already late-stage sloppy taco into LA’s loosest luncheon.

Anyway, Jenna is fighting away on behalf of The Donald on Twitter. Check out Jenna’s Twitter account, she regularly turns the table on trolls who think they’re in for a layup.

booger with hair #NotHerPresident #StillWithHer

booger with hair #NotHerPresident #StillWithHer #BuriedByJenna

9 years ago and still trying to forget this ever happened…



12 thoughts on “Diamonds by day, smash reports by night

  1. she was the nastiest of the nasty. gave new meaning to taking one for the team. Dipped italian beef sandwiches with hot giardinara in Chicago have more firmness and body.

  2. Ever since I wore a younger man’s clothes, I’ve always wanted to slap guys that wore sweaters tied around their necks.

    1. Then the invitation worked. As for JJ, she greatly exceeded the shelf-life for the starlet du jour in that industry.

  3. Jenna’s first hardcore film (which admin’s first photo here is from) was the first hardcore porn I ever saw. I remember seeing a few stills from it and deciding I had to see the whole clip.

    I found a site that had it sliced up into about 50 short clips. Took me about 3 days to download over shitty dial-up. It was totally worth it. From the striptease at the beginning to the creampie at the end – it made quite an impression on me. I remember thinking “I need to find a woman that hot that will fuck me like that”. Still looking for that 20+ years later.

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