No matter what the platter, Meat on Friday

Truly a feast day.


Side Salad

Duck ála Trump

Deep Dish Pizza

Lamb Chop


Filet Mignon

Ice Cream

Bon appetite los animales!

15 thoughts on “No matter what the platter, Meat on Friday

  1. Filet Mignon’s bikini is diabolical. Toggling between her and the Magilla in the purple housecoat at the Inauguration is giving me the bends.

  2. I fully admit it… I thought today was the magical day that I’d jump on this site to find the Ivanka click-through. I’ll have to console myself with the tears of special snowflakes.

  3. porterhouse….the picture that spilled 1,000 grape sodas.

    I’m thinking standing in water is a defensive tactic on her part, but that’s not keeping Lamont at a safe distance. maybe i’m reading too much into this, but I think Brothas would sit through 2 hours of algebra for a piece of that. certainly they’d take on a 1 foot pool of water….now maybe if the pool was at a haunted house, (or better a haunted pool), she’d have a chance.

    wait, great idea for a business, Haunted Pools. You want to clean up a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago? you don’t need more cops, just two or three haunted pools.

    “Hey Rufus, let’s go fuck somebody up”
    “ayight, where we goin?”
    “how bout the Haunted Pool?”

    so you build a pool, put a couple of skeletons on beach chairs, play some scary sounds like doors slamming and wind- every 5 mins Vincent Price starts laughing…no cops, no Rodney King, no Ferguson. I like it.

    1. Brilliant. Scatter a few job applications outside the pool. Then add some books and paternity testing kits. Can’t miss.

      I’ll call the patent lawyer.

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