28 thoughts on “Caption it: Struggle

  1. I hope those are safety glasses that hog is wearing.

    If that zipper pops off on those pants she’s sporting, the resulting metal and fabric shrapnel will be travelling at 2400 fps.

  2. saw a pic of a young girl and her mom with that matching “Fuck Off” tape around their heads….it was ISIS-esq.

  3. Her pants are concealing:
    (a) a gunt
    (b) balls
    (c) tits
    (d) all of the above

    P.S. I cannot remember being so happy as when I watched Barack and Harambe fly away last Friday.

  4. You think she scapes down there? If so who helps her? That has to be three person job. Or is it just a thatched thicket of brambles? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

  5. You could be in the missionary position and it would also be just like having anal! Not because of her ass shaped gunt…because of the stink and filth.

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