17 thoughts on “Surprise fight

  1. 1. Difficult to masturbate to;
    2. You know this fight is over a guy who was, at that very moment, stuffing some other heinous neighbor, likely related to one or both combatants;
    3. Young boys filming, thinking this is normal urban coping skills which, of course, it is.

    1. You need to watch the whole clip from this picture. The Kong rip-off knocks down a few planes and gives the “arms and double-finger” salute. Nomination-worthy.

  2. Tit bullies don’t always dominate in the African species.

    If this is Chicago, Trump is to blame.

    The police would have stepped in but then CNN would have just played the clip of a white man putting the cuffs on a poor topless black woman with blood coming out of her nose.

    Odds are low that:
    this is a work related arguement,
    or they were fighting over:
    who should pay the babysitter,
    who last cleaned the house,
    who should return the books to the library,
    a zoning issue,
    missing reading glasses,
    a tennis racket,

    fucking endless list here.

    But at least they had the good sense to take off they weaves afo a fight.

    Things were so much better when Obama was president.

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