19 thoughts on “Culo Miércoles stüpenda

    1. 45? You optimist you. That pic’s from 3 yrs ago after she broke up with her boyfriend and her cat died.

      I give her to next January max.

  1. you know who’s a piece of ass? Marie Osmond.

    I’ll be damned if I wasn’t watching tv last night and Marie Osmond came on. Great new tits, in good shape, face tacked back…and thank God she had those piano keys braced and shaved down, so her lips now touch when she chews. Those were some chicklets, whole family had those. Seriously, she’s got to be around 60yr’s right? Didnt’ she get fat like what’s her name from Cheers? Literally I was floored when I saw her.

    I’d throw the all the kids who were rescued from a burning orphanage back in the fucking burning orphanage for 30 minutes with shipow.

      1. Exactly.

        And she has a bad case of Oprah Winfrey head. Her current starved weight is irrelevant, she’s a fat hog for life with that melon.

      2. see its guys like you who give guys like me a bad name. give sweet marie some credit!

        early in life she would have whipped Alfonso Soriano in bobbing for apples. when she finally sees a dentist out of the state of Utah, she discovers that eating is fun when you don’t need a pressure washer for a water pik afterwards. And she had a hell of a time. dare i say she porked out at 230 – 235lbs? You typically see that weight on a woman pushing a half-black kid on a swing at the park by herself.

        But she cleaned her act up, used modern medicine, portion control, exercise and discipline to make herself into something I can beat off to without a second thought.

        so here’s to you sweet marie….

        sucking my dick!

  2. I mean look at this, what the fuck! You imagine the look on the dentist’s face when this walked in? Same as Roy Scheider’s when he first saw the shark. must be one hell of a dentist, and she had to be scared to death going in there. i bet he was like the patch adams of dentistry, fucking clown suit, cracking jokes, putting her at ease. there a nobel prize for that?

      1. donger, its just, when a woman does something good, we should applaud and encourage it. marie osmond should have been in dc last week, giving makeup classes and dietary advice.

        i’m apologetically pro-woman, unless i’m cutting checks to her post-marriage. bunch of wookies waddled around washington looking to have their “voices heard”. well i want that thundering herd to hear my voice: follow marie osmond!

        and madonna with that scabbed vagene that smells like the UNLV team hamper, your time of having any influence on what men think ended with Borderline. you’re younger than marie and in 2017 you can’t raise a cock higher than joan rivers can raise an isis flag. its over. you’re not a material girl, you’re a baker act commercial. you let dennis rodman and fucking anthony mason treat your cunt like the krauts did stalingrad and now you want the rest of american men to treat it like the lost arc? fuck you.

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