20 thoughts on “Caption it: War is hell

  1. Can’t wait till they start putting people with Guy Fawkes masks in headlocks and giving them noogies and atomic wedgies.

  2. I tip my hat to the “lady” with the sign-

    Menstrual blood was at most a minor deterrent when I was a teenager, but I now recognize it as a potent weapon.

    And the sign with “women of all genders” would confuse me just long enough that I’d fall victim to a Jason Bourne-like strike.

    Oh, and helluva job by the riot squad. Doughnuts on me next time I’m in Portland.

  3. Is this the same gunt lady from DC? The Volkswagen bus she was driving must have been cruising along at 70 to make it back to Portland that quickly.

  4. Women of all genders? If the movie Ted is good for anything, it reminds us all that there are no chicks with dicks, just dudes with tits…

  5. I wish I could just show up at the riot, pay a 100 bucks and join the cops in stomping morons. I feel like it would be money well spent.

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