RIP Q: Losing a world star

Let us take a final and respectful report for Q, the founder of WorldStar who died last week on a San Diego frip table.

True American negus

True American negus

Q helped bring McDonald’s riot culture to life for everyone.

Q left a giant international footprint – when scraps break out in the ghetto (and elsewhere) people shout “WorldStar” … that’s making a difference.

Q’s legacy lives on in this scrap that spilled out of a Philly nightspot.

Q would have loved that.

Take a report big fella, you left a bigger mess in that San Diego hole in the wall than anyone was bargaining for.

16 thoughts on “RIP Q: Losing a world star

  1. I guess the upside of all those tax-payer funded obama phones being iPhone 7’s is this “internet gold” in stunning HD.

  2. He’s gonna be drinking a cool 40 oz with Fred Sanford and Grady while they watch Soul Train re-runs.
    You a’ite now, big dummy.

  3. Who will be our portal to the urban communities? The last white person brave enough to voluntarily enter that kind of environment was Dian Fossey.

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