20 thoughts on “This fucking guy

  1. To this fucking douche and all the other snowflake douches on social media: Donald Trump predicted the Pats would win and they did. Fuck you.

  2. Hey BLM hosers,
    Shaun King is what happens when Laquane’ de Thuggles get his dick wet in Shaun’s mom’s King sized cooter.
    Bugger off, you tool.

  3. Oooops, jumped the gun there hey Shauny? Not only did the Pats come back and win, but they did it with a QB (and owner) of a team that loves DJT.

    Take a report. You melted like Matty Ice

  4. And now Marcellus Bennett says he isn’t going to the White House “because of his people” Cool with me. But, I notice the press didn’t interview Dan Hampton or Jake Arrietta about them skipping.

  5. Fuck all these negus assholes and wannabes. Clean and oil your guns and be prepared. This cocksucker Shaun King is crying race in the Howard Beach jogger murder today. He needs a good-sized shiv up his ass.

    Meanwhile, at 63 CB is still do-able, especially for a 60 yr old Retardo:

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