17 thoughts on “Who the fuck spells tire with a ‘y’?

  1. My crispy fresh jorts would last longer if I added some mud flaps to my ride. But where would I find mud flaps on a beautiful Sunday like this?

  2. Driving back home on the Palisades parkway towards Bear Mountain circa 1986 was a 14 year old Travis with the folks. Of course since it is the weekend and it is a hot day, their is traffic for miles leading up to Bear Mountain where all of the Puerto Rocks come to cool off. A few families (about 1000 people) pulled off and started their own barbeque right on the side of the road. Traffic at a standstill, they are starting to dance a big fiesta about to take place and then Holy Shit! two of them are making the beast with 2 backs right off to the side near the trees, a real life National Geographic right in front of my eyes! Fucking Animales.

    Bear Mtn Public Pool had to be cleaned of the oil slick every Monday and sprayed for Mosquitoes.

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