Friday breakfast meats

Some meat now, hopefully some later. I got a car to dig out.

Pressed Ham

Link Sausages

Cooked Goose

Snow Berries

Bon appetite los animales!

36 thoughts on “Friday breakfast meats

  1. Link sausages click thru is a reminder of why we are so fucking lucky to be guys. Btw anyone left here remember Elaine Benes from the Large days? Guess she took a report

  2. Holy crap, I hate the snow but I love those berries. All hail the great and powerful sweater puppies!!!
    Good luck with that shoveling shit, admin.

  3. There’s not a whole lot that’s trashier in this world than a bikini with the fucking Maryland state flag on it. That is a guaranteed below-90 IQ.

  4. Linked Sausage and Snowberries had me hypnotized there for a bit. Can’t wait for VR porn. Everybody talks about how awesome sports will be to watch. Screw that I’ll take the pornhub for 100 alex.

  5. I was watching Unsolved Mysteries last night and was frightened by the episode I saw. “The Case of the Missing Admin” aka Yodeling in Porterhouse Canyon

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