Meet the new vag, not same as the old vag

True story:


The details in the accompanying artcile grossed me out, couldn’t even get to the part where the boner garage trashes the Bugatti…

A British woman who underwent surgery to improve her sex life ended up with none – after her vagina mutilated her partner’s penis.

Bet she misses her old catcher’s mitt.

Funny enough when men want a new vagina the process can be quite pleasant.


9 thoughts on “Meet the new vag, not same as the old vag

    1. Impressive, but a bit off. Melanie’s brand almost ended my diving days before it began. It was Ellen with the shark teeth. Buck Naked still brings that one up to me once in a while. And he has a belly laugh every time.

      1. Not just shark teeth, we’re talking You’re gonna need a bigger boat Great White….

        FYI that click thru landing strip looks delicious

      2. Best part is that I told her Buck had a crush on her. I tried to set them up. She wouldn’t leave him alone. His mom even got pissed about how often she called his house. Good times.

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