11 thoughts on “PSA: Cukes

  1. Guy walks into a Jamaican bathroom on his honeymoon. Whips out his package. He tattooed his wife’s name on the side. When it’s erect, it spells WENDY. Otherwise, WY. Big black guy walks in and stands next to him. White guy notices he’s got WY tattooed on his dong too. Says, “Hey, is your girlfriend’s name Wendy? I have WY on my cock too.” Black guy says, “No. Mine says, Welcome to the Caribbean where it’s sunny all day.”

    1. A guy’s been wandering the desert for weeks and he’s dying of thirst, throat parched, sunburned, clothes in rags. He sees another guy in the distance, crawls up to him and says, “Water, you got water?”
      Guy says, “ I don’t have water, but I’m a tie salesman, you want to buy a tie?”
      Thirsty guy says, “NO I DON’T NEED A TIE YOU IDIOT I NEED WATER!”
      Tie guy says, “Ok there’s a restaurant about 20 miles further, you can get water there.”
      “Thanks.” And he crawls off to the restaurant.

    2. Days later he comes crawling back, throat on fire, skin flaking off his bones, half naked.
      “Didn’t you get any water?”
      “No. They wouldn’t let me in without a tie.”

      1. I recommend to you “The Book of Negroes”.

        Read it backwards and it has a happy ending.

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