Might be best for all involved

There is a reason Indians used to make squaws spend 4 days a month in a specially equipped teepee on the edge of camp. Let’s honor that.


Italy to offer ladies paid menstrual leave..

If passed, it would mandate that companies enforce a “menstrual leave” policy and offer three paid days off each month to working women who experience painful periods.

Now that we’re being compensated for painful periods, how about those dreadful hours and days I spend post-blackout after learning I dropped $10,000 at Wiggles? A good week off with the reassuring comfort of pay wouldn’t cure my blues but it would be a good start.

I have feelings too.

10 thoughts on “Might be best for all involved

  1. Something like 97% of Italian men over 18 regularly employ the services of prostitutes – it would only make sense that the concept of “you don’t pay for the service, you pay them to leave” would translate to the workplace environment, as well…

  2. “But the bill also has critics, including women who fear this sort of measure could backfire and end up stigmatizing them.”

    As Bill Clinton noted, just shut up and suck the dick.

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