Miss TDT 2017: Lindsey Pelas

Congratulate Lindsey Pelas, the 25-year old Louisiana native – she is Miss TDT 2017.


Her knockers are maddening.


As you may recall from her groundbreaking YouTube masterpiece.

You might want to follow her on Twitter…

Lindsey is great on Twitter, feisty and funny.
She not only displays the goods, but dishes the wisdom.

Elders were summoned. Spreadsheets were consulted. Numbers were crunched.

And thusly t’was deemed Lindsey’s ass checks out.


Recheck for safety.


Thank you Lindsey. You are special.


12 thoughts on “Miss TDT 2017: Lindsey Pelas

  1. not that I’m in any position to be fussy…..

    but this bitch has w-a-a-a-y too much trailer park vibe going on to be Miss TDT

  2. I’m so tired of women being objectified. And can you play with your clit for me and finger your ass while I just sit here and watch? Thanks, Toots.

  3. So she’s trashy and will look like Mama June in 10 years. I will make her think I’m a magician with a zippo and my power of reading!

  4. She’s comically hot, but her ride on top of the internet is going to last about as long as my ride on top of her would. If only that pole smoking virgin Isaac Newton hadn’t invented gravity.

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