Witness: “he screamed like a hooker bit his sack”

All is fair on an airplane.

And of course Mrs. Twocents was there announcing the horror of it all, but it was not so horrible that she would give up her seat. Thank goodness.

15 thoughts on “Witness: “he screamed like a hooker bit his sack”

  1. The real loser here is this Brian Case character. Some 15 years ago young Brian scores prescription drugs from the good Doctor in exchange for a few gratis gential examinations. Even gets a job from it. Creepy stuff, but he’s gotta be thinking that’s long since dead and buried. Then this potato queen gets rub and tugged off an airplane and bam – Brian’s name and sordid past are in the lead story of the NY Post.

  2. two good lines so far:

    “United: You arrive as a Doctor, you leave as a Patient”
    “United: We put the ‘Hospital’ in Hospitality!”

  3. Just another entitled, the-universe-revolves-around-me fuck who didn’t seem to understand he might possibly be wrong about that…what a little bitch…

  4. A doctor who had to get home to take care of his patients? Take the $800 voucher, call your staff to move all your appointments like those fuckers always do and go get hammered in the Club room. Dumb dick.

    1. Hey Boston Pancake. I don’t think gook is proper anymore. I think they’re called yellow Americans……like the cheese.

  5. Thank Christ I wasn’t on that plane. I would be laughing my ass off and the whole world would know what a crass prick I am

  6. His back story is great. Douche.

    He was escorted off the plane, sneaked back on, was given the chance to leave peaceably, and then removed.

    I’d like to see a Trump appointed judge hear this one…..

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