15 thoughts on “Keep quiet, admin at work

  1. I’m seriously confused as to who the creeper is. The ass on the screen looks like a mid price article. The guy does remind me of Krusty the clown, though.
    More of before, please..

  2. Poor guy is minding his own business – just wondering what that girls’ asshole tastes like – and somebody has to ruin his good time and put him on blast….

  3. 50% of TDT content is sourced whilst browsing computers in the children’s section of the library.

    25% of TDT content is sourced via mobile device transfer from contacts met whilst browsing source material in the children’s section of the library.

    15% of TDT content is sourced through the kind permissions of NAMBLACS (North American Man Boy Librarical Association of Content Sourcing)

    10% of TDT content is recycled.

    1. hey admin…..your figures add up to 100%…. wtf! where’s the fun in that?!

      try to throw in a couple military intelligences, a gen’l consensus and one or two complete 360s while you’re down there

  4. At least the on-screen images were a) female, and b) over 18 (presumably). My only concern is that his shitty little flip phone isn’t going to have the resolution to provide adequate spankability when he gets home to the la-z-boy, jergens, and Kleenex – meanwhile, every mud baby on worldstar is filming in 1080 HD with a free Obama phone. I say get down with your bad self, Tiny Tim’s coolest sibling, let the haters hate!

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