22 thoughts on “Robo BJ

  1. The very second the owners are finished and the roar of blood in their ears gives way to the sad mechanical squeaking of pistons and gears, saying in their own, wordless way, “You once were a loser…now you’re a broke loser”, there’s gonna be a serious uptick in the amount of suicide victims found with rubber heads attached to their empty sacks.

  2. Because nothing is more desperate than a married guy longing for a blowjob than a sad single guy longing for a blowjob. Jesus, go pay a live hooker already. Buy American and get blown by an American

    1. You put it in the alley behind the house dressed in the coat and it’s “Windsor crack whore.” It must be a thing.

  3. This is fucked up the more I think about it. The real human hair, and baggy old winter jackets makes it look like it was modeled after a homeless old heroin addict. I bet you could make a bundle by renting it out to a Tokyo karaoke club or maybe the tri lambda parties in colleges.

  4. Why would I want to look down and see some slant-eyed dustbuster sucking me off wearing MY dirty fuckin’ clothes? Because I CAN, thats why.


  5. “Introducing the model one service droid from arlan robotics. Imagine never having to say “just suck the dick” again. the future is now”

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