Website beat: TDT appeal 2017

Dear los animales:

I love TDT. And I need to pass the hat.


Been a few years since I’ve done this, but you might have noticed a few weeks back site on involuntary hiatus for a few days – still not out of the hole. (maybe you noticed no wigglies click-thrus, gif hosting bill still has to wait … ).

The site is absolutely more productive when I can afford morning coffee – so please when you bust out your credit card (PayPal, 100% secure) think of it as buying me a brew, or a Van Hagar cassette, or a shitty bicycle … your support has already saved TDT before, even a little bit helps a shit ton.

I could give you war stories about ups/downs of life, but I think y’all would prefer ass. Plus a work schedule change will have more me with more day time to devote to the Tap.

Thank you.

challenging website goals

challenging website goals

11 thoughts on “Website beat: TDT appeal 2017

  1. Waiting for the wife’s reaction on the AMEX bill. “You donated to ‘tdbuttstabber’?”

    [First, thank you!

    Secondly, I didn’t think of the ramifications of such an indelicate email handle. CHANGED. (you still get the full buttstabbing – not the first time I’ve said that.)]

  2. I have not a clue what hosting, etc costs are. If I / we came up short, don’t be shy to take up a second collection. My Catholic Church has been doing it for years.

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